Friday, August 15, 2008

Up, Down, Up, Down

No, I'm not talking about my sex life. Lately that's been all up.

My mood has been somewhat erratic these past few days. I wake up not knowing how I'm going to feel. I got back from vacation on Monday. Cape Cod was a blast and it's always great to see my family. The only downside of vacation was everyone's bitchy mood on the last day. It seemed as if nothing was going as planned. The three hour layover in Boston didn't make matters any better. I didn't get home till 1:30 am. Thanks for picking me up baby :)

Naturally, work was no fun on Tuesday. I was in such a sour mood. It rained Tuesday night and that was kind of refreshing. By Wednesday morning my sour mood had washed away and cheery, silly stegas was ready to play.

My manfriend and I went to karaoke that night. I really enjoy karaoke (if you asked me four years ago, I would have given you a very different answer). I started to like karaoke when I went to a little dive bar/bowling alley near Destin, Florida.

Yesterday, it was pretty much hit n' miss when it came to my mood. I didn't get much sleep last night, but I have a big day ahead of me. Maybe I'll take a nap when I get home from work. We'll see. There's a big party tonight that I'd like to be in my best shape for.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

Be honest whne I come back from a holiday I really do not want to be back either. Maybe that is the down side. but your Man Friend was there. Good side. I hope your modd stays pleasant. Have a wonderful weekend.