Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Friends

I love all my friends. I hate having to decide between them. You know how there's always that couple that splits or two friends who have grown to hate each other. I often choose not to take sides (unless one of the sides is obviously right or an asshole, but if they're an asshole then they're probably not my friend). Instead of taking sides I'll just try to split my time if I can. If they can't stand being in the same room together, then it's more their problem then mine.

It also sucks when my friends schedule multiple events on the same night. It's nice to have things to do, but I hate to disappoint and I can't split my time too much. I had a friend that would do that. She would come back to our hometown for a weekend and spend most of her time driving from one friend's house to another. I thought it was crazy.

Last night, I split my time in half. I saw most of Superbad at Tech Square (every Wednesday in June and July they show free movies on a giant screen). It was fun to hang out with my friends. The audio was kinda terrible. It is probably a hard place to be a sound man, because you have to deal with the sound waves bouncing off of the buildings. I think we were in a dead zone. The next set of speakers were just a few feet behind us.

I left before the movie ended, because I wanted to get to the tavern before it was too late to sing karaoke. I made it in time and got to sing "My Friends" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Karaoke was such a blast. It was probably one of the best nights I've had there (I could have been slightly better if my sweetheart was there). There was lots of dancing and debauchery. I need to buy a new camera so that I can visually record these events.


Ray's Cowboy said...

I fully agree with yo un this. Taken sides between freinds does not really get you any where. If you vist one and the other finds out, that can be hell as well. But for the most part I do try not to put a strain on each of them.

steve vegas said...

You're right that you can't put a strain on your friends (at least not too much). But, it's not your fault if one friend is pissed that you still talk to their ex or their non-friend.