Monday, June 9, 2008

hmm ...

Well it's been awhile, maybe too long. I could blame it on the fact that the Penguins lost and I've been crying in a corner for a week (ok not really). I've just been busy is all.

Lets see if I can't catch up on the things that I've been up to lately. There's so much, where do I begin. I guess I should go back to last Wednesday.

Wednesday night, pup daddy (my new beau) made me the nicest dinner I've ever had. No one has ever cooked for me except family or maybe a friend that was having a dinner party or cookout. I came over to his place at 6:30 on Wednesday night and he had a bottle of wine sitting on the table with two glasses set out for us. Portuguese music was playing on the radio and dinner was in the oven. We ate salmon topped with capers, a side of asparagus and couscous. It was delicious. After dinner we went to a bar to watch the hockey game. My friend joined us for a drink. After the game ended, we walked a block to another bar for some karaoke.

I don't remember what I did Thursday night. hmm ... ah yeah. Some coworkers and I went to Taco Mac for dinner and drinks (they have a four page... OK I better hit post before too long again. This was supposed to be added yesterday. Sorry to leave a cliffhanger, but I'll have to finish this post later.

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