Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's Go PENS!!!*

The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings last night in game five of the Stanley Cup Finals. The game was really exciting. The Pens were up by two goals at the end of the first period. Detroit came back and led 3 to 2 for most of the third period.

Towards the end of the third period, things were pretty dire for the Pens. Miraculously, they scored a goal with 34 seconds left in the game. The tie game led to two scoreless overtime periods. Finally, the Pens scored the winning goal in the third overtime. What a game!

They play again tonight (Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST on NBC, CBC, and RDS). They need to win to move on to game 7. The seven game series is currently 3-2 in Detroit's favor.

*for those that aren't hockey fans, this is one of the last hockey posts for awhile. Although, I suggest you watch hockey this time of year. The games are fast and the men are hairy. They don't shave during the playoffs. Don't let those 18-20 year old boys fool you. There are some real men on the ice.

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