Wednesday, June 11, 2008

... and then ...

I guess I'll continue where I left off last time.

... four page beer list).

On Friday, some friends and I went to Red Brick for the two hour beer tasting. After a significant number of beers there. We headed to the Vortex for some more food and then I dragged most of them to a gay bar that has "straight night" on Friday. It's kind of sad to see the bar turn straight. Atlanta's gays need to go out more often or maybe Atlanta needs some new entertainment for the men.

I went over to Mr C's early on Saturday morning. I had to ride my bike to my car, because I left the car at work Friday night. I picked up some McDonald's breakfast for the two of us. We relaxed for a little while. He had a pool party that started at 1 pm. I love pool parties. After the pool party, I took him out to dinner. He was tried and I was restless. I left him behind and met some other friends at a bar for some drinks. The bar was fun. I played blackjack for a little while and then pool with some women that I met at the bar.

On Sunday, I had a pool party. I drank more than I should. Some friends and neighbors came to the pool. It was nice to meet more of my neighbors. Pup daddy stopped by for a bit. I wanted him to meet my friends. He was sick though. boo :( He's finally getting over it today.

... and then ...

I'll have to finish Sunday night and the rest of the week later.

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