Thursday, April 24, 2008

Summer Vacation

I love to travel. I'd like to find someone that I can travel with to all the places on my checklist. Since the love of my life has yet to come along, I'll have to settle for all the trips with friends and family that I can.

This summer I'd like to make it to at least two different beaches, go on one spur of the moment trip, and see somewhere I've never been.

As far as the beaches go, it will probably be two beaches in Florida with friends (Destin and Pensacola) and then Falmouth, Massachusetts to visit family. If I make it to Pensacola I'll go Memorial day weekend for Gay Days. I have a "friend" in Mobile that I'd really like to see again. He invited me to come visit, but I don't know if I can stay with him.

I have some straight friends that go to Destin every year. Last year was a blast, so I'll probably go again.

If I make it to Pensacola, I can check off a place I've never been. That leaves one spur of the moment trip. Any suggestions? It'd have to be under a 7 hour drive from Atlanta, or a fairly cheap place to fly to.

In other news, I heard gunshots up the street from where I live, again. Yea for assholes with guns!!

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