Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Need O' Relaxation

Weekends should end on Monday, right? I don't know. If the work week doesn't end, then does the weekend end. Is there a definitive divide between the two. I need a real job where work ends when I go home, right? Otherwise it's hard to decide what's what.

It is possible that I just need a break from friends. I'm a little burnt out by all my adventures. This weekend I did more than one thing every night. wtf was I thinking.

Breakdown of the festivities**:
Friday ... work till 8 pm ... party at my Belgian friends' house, authentic 'frites' in a cone and Belgian beer ... Eagle anniversary, a bit of a bore because we got there after 12 am and apparently everyone left after the free drinks stopped flowing at 11 pm ... back to Belgian party till 4 am.

Saturday ... brunch with friends at 12:30 pm ... work for a bit ... humane society, now I really want a dog, the puppies are cute, I no longer want a cat or kitten, but the dog's are so lovable and most of all lovable, did I already say that ... back to work because I locked myself out when I went to the humane society and needed a coworker to let me in before Monday ... on to Walmart then to pick up tickets for a show later ... then to meet friends at the Brickstore by 4 pm, my favorite pub in Atlanta ... concert at 8 pm ... home by 11 pm, then OTP (outside the perimeter aka I-285) to meet up with friends, yes I got bad directions and very, very lost.

Sunday ... relax all day ... no not really ... lunch with friends then rest then work then date with "the new? man", I guess he's no longer new, but he's also not 'my' man? ...

Monday ... work ... hang'n with other friends, none of which I saw this weekend.

I need to take the rest of the week off.

In other news, I want to go to Pensacola/Mobile for Memorial day weekend. I have a few friends that will be there and maybe one other that has a place for me to stay. We'll see.

** apologies for the run on sentences and bad grammar but think of it as stream of conscience

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