Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gettin' Lucky

Today I found a four-leaf clover. I've found three of them in the past year. There are lots of large clover patches outside the building that I work in. Sometime last year I found a four-leaf clover while I was walking into work. Then two weeks after that I found one on the other side of the building. Since then, I'll look at the clovers as I walk in and out of work. Here's a picture of the first one I found:

I keep this one in my wallet. The second one I found is in my car. I think I'll give away the one I found today, but I'm not sure who I should give it to. For now, it is being pressed in a book.

I feel that I'm lucky in life, but I haven't been too lucky in love. Maybe it's my reluctance for commitment (which I think is only mild, I'd be willing to commit to the right person). Although, I guess I have only been out for three years and those previous relations were doomed from day 1. Anyway, I am sort of seeing someone, but I don't feel the same way about him as he does about me. How do you tell someone that the spark is not there? The thing is I really like the guy as a friend. I was hoping the spark would develop. Hopefully we can still be friends.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

you should be very lucky man. Congats.