Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Music, Friends and Pens!

I have XM Radio in my car. I used to write down songs that I'd hear so that I could look them up later. In renewing that tradition, here are some songs that I suggest you hear (see links below). In other music news, this Saturday I'm heading to a concert at the Masquerade. Hopefully the floor of 'Heaven' doesn't collapse into 'Hell' while I'm there. My friend has some extra tickets to see Streetlight Orchestra, so I agreed to go. Hopefully it will be fun, if not I'll head to the Atlanta Eagle's Anniversary.

Hot hot heat "Talk to me"

Artic Monkeys "Fluorescent Adolescent"

Killers "Shadowplay" They won't let you embed this one, but it's not that great anyway. The Killers are good, but this song isn't their best.

I have great friends. I was able to watch the Pens game because tonight my good bud from the 'burgh, that lives in Atlanta, purchased NHL center ice. I tried to find a place to watch the game with no luck. Can you believe that Fox Sports Grill doesn't have the Fox Sports Pittsburgh channel? I was disappointed. If you're going to call yourself 'Fox Sports' carry all the channels.

The Pittsburgh Penguins move on to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

The Penguins swept this series, go Pens!

Oh... here's a must see:

Banksy? rocks!

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