Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Same-Sex Marriage Case

I was excited when I first heard that I would be able to follow Perry v. Schwarzenegger on Youtube. Unfortunately the US Supreme Court barred video coverage until they could review the issue. I'm not sure what the status is as of now, but below are some links to NY Times Bay Area Blog coverage of the trial. I'm disappointed that I haven't heard more about this case from other news sources. The judge on the trial is currently resting, thinking, etc. We probably won't here a verdict until March and closing arguments still have to occur.

Day 1: Opening
Day 2: History
Day 3: The Defense
Day 4: Economics
Day 5: Raising Children
Day 6: The Reversal
Day 7: Choice
Day 8: Power and Prejudice
Day 9: Research
Day 10: Domino Effect
Day 11: Churches
Day 12: Rest

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