Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movie Reviews

Last weekend was filled with movies for me. I rented two from Blockbuster Express at the grocery store, Publix. It's a great deal at $1 per rental. I also saw two in the theater. Here's the breakdown of Final Destination 4, Pandorum, Up in the Air, and Legion:

Final Destination 4 (in 2-D) This movie is not a sequel. It is just the same old story shown in 3-D. I thought my 3-D glasses from Avatar might work; however, the 3-D in Final Destination 4 is more like old school Red/Blue 3-D. The Blockbuster Express Cube didn't provide 3-D glasses with the movie so we watched it in 2-D. The only redeeming characteristics are most likely the 3-D special effects. Without the effects, this movie is worthless and not worth the dollar and time I spent on it.

Pandorum turned out to be a pretty good flick. It was worth the rental fee. I kind of like Dennis Quaid. He reminds me of Harrison Ford in a lot of ways. I would watch this one again.

Up in the Air was worth the theater price; however, you don't gain anything from seeing this one in the theater. If you live in Atlanta, then you might get a chuckle out of or be able to guess the recommended ribs place mentioned in the movie. *spoiler - it's Fat Matt's* I would second this vote; however, there are other rib joints in Atlanta. The best depends on where you live.

Legion, aweful, aweful, aweful ... maybe a rental, but I feel cheated out of the high theater priced ticket. Can you believe I paid $12 to see this movie? The movie might have been good if Christopher Walkin played Gabriel and it was part of the Prophecy series (which i recommend watching).

I thought the recent cold snap in Atlanta would have killed off the dandelions, but I managed to find the remenants of this one in my manfriend's garden. For your viewing pleasure:

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