Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Family ...

... but weren't they always family?

I'm lucky to have a great family and many cousins. Not too many cousins, only 2 from mom's bro, 3 from mom's bro, 2 from mom's sis, oh 1 bro from mom counts as on of the cousins + 1 me, 4 from dad's bro, 2 from dad's sis, 4 from dad's sis? katie, +-1 ?, adam and josh.

Well that adds up to 19+-1 total cousins in my immediate family.

Recently, one of my older cousins found facebook. I don't really know him, but I know 75% of my cousins that's 15 of 20. I guess it's probably not that high of a percentage. ....... a blog of numbers. Fuck how is this meaningful. I get some sort of sad joy dealing with numbers.

Maybe it's the fact that I can use the fucking numbers to decide that I want to say "fuck the fuckity fucking thing that fucking fucks the fuck fuck fuck tah the fuckta fuckertan of the wonderous fuckamill."

I don't know.

Update Tuesday Morning: I'm pretty sure this post took a deep dive off the end of a cliff. There was no slippery slow from the intent, a post about a new connection to an old cousin through facebook, to the end, six ways to say fuck.

fuck [fuhk] verb to have sexual intercourse
fucking [fuhk-ing] adj. or adv. damned
fuckity [fuhk-it-ee] noun the condition or quality of being fucked
fuckta [fuhk-tah] adj. being royally fucked
fuckertan [fuhk-tahn] noun one who is royally fucked
fuckamill [fuhk-a-mil] contraction (fuck a mill) noun someone who fucks a mill, a millworker, a millionare, or for a million dollars

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Ray's Cowboy said...

Now try my family out. My Mother was one of 8. my Dad is one of 4. Last year I found out I had a hlaf sister.
Way to many to count and keep my clothes on.

PS Family is reall important to me. I love my family , we are close.