Wednesday, February 11, 2009


introspection - noun - the act of looking within oneself

Introspection, the main reason I started "electric gray splatter."

Electric gray splatter,
sinusoidal matter,
the bleeding tongue speaks to
none, and all in one breath.

The poem above is new. The original is below and longer. 5000 views and only half of them could be mine, but rarely do people see the beginning (I'm guessing):


I'd like to:
Purge my mind of ideas.
Use my brain like a rubber stamp,
expose the cerebrum soaked in electrical ink
and smear my forehead across this page.

Pull on one hair and unwind an entire wire.
Connecting nerve to nerve until I reach the core,
leaving know idea untouched.

The mind is a frightening world to live in, always lost at a 5-way intersection but running at the speed of light with no time to decide which way to go. The flow of the electrical river determines the path and the possibility of backtracking is never an option.


I like the original poem, but I'm not sure I love the ending. I think "the possibility of backtracking is" sometimes an option. Life is full of changes. Time is not. The clocks won't reverse themselves, but that should be encouragement to change tomorrow or correct a wrong today.