Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Two Part Blog Post:
Coincidence vs. Fate


Astrology and Love

On Coincidence vs Fate:

Some one once told me that three coincidences are no longer accidental. For example, imagine you're heading to a party but you don't really know if you want to go. You put on your favorite shirt and there's a spot on it. So what, you put another one on. You brush your teeth and get toothpaste on your pants, but this time you just wipe it off with a wet cloth. Now that your dressed, you can leave the house. You get to your car and realize the keys are still in the house. It's like someone's telling you to stay home. Are they coincidences or is fate trying to keep you on some mysterious path?

For me, these coincidences can be good things as well. In a way, they propel you along in some direction of life. Your 500 miles away from home and you meet someone that lives down the street from you. You've never met before, but you both have very similar interests. You have a drink and part ways, not really expecting to see each other again. A week later you run into him back in your hometown. Is it meant to be? maybe or maybe not or maybe this person is supposed to teach you something

Astrology and Love:

I like to read my horoscope. I also like to read between the lines of things. I don't know if there's any truth to astrology or taro or palm reading or psychics, but I don't care. I still like it. It's like believing in Santa Claus for adults, but maybe there is some truth to it.

I've been to a psychic before and she was amazingly accurate. Before I came out to anyone, I knew I was gay. You probably know this feeling. At the point I went to the psychic I even had some previous 'experiences'. She did a taro card reading that had some accuracy to it and she read my horoscope chart.

Then she asked me what else I wanted to know. I didn't really want to know anything. Life is more fun, interesting when things are unexpected. She asked if I want to know about relationship. I said I didn't really care. Then she asked me some other questions.

Then she got this look on her face and I could tell she was kind of embarrassed. She said I want to ask... no, no. I said go on ask. Are you gay? I said I didn't know (which was a lie) and she said she didn't know either. I give the woman props, I have had friends for more than a year that didn't know I was gay ( and they seem to think they have good gaydar, them being gay and all). I guess it's hard to tell that I'm gay at times. I don't fit into many of the stereotypes. I am myself and I'm not going to change that just cause I'm gay.

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent from the Astrology and Love. I was reading about compatible signs and a description of the sign Taurus. I often feel like an open book when I read about my sign. This site had some good things to say about dating a Taurus.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I am a cusp between Capicorn and Sagiit, more on the Cap side. Torus in all of my 12 house. Will we ever fall in love Steve??? And how would we be on the sex thing????