Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weak end :p

After getting back from Virginia on Saturday, I was tuckered out. But that usually doesn't stop me from having a good time. I had some friends call me at 9pm saying that they were going to some drag show-dinner thing.

I really wasn't in the mood to leave the house just yet. I had already eaten dinner, at a Sonny's in Greenville of all places, and a drag show didn't seem all that interesting. I was wrong though. My friend told me that they weren't leaving till 10pm. So I agreed to go, knowing that I could relax a bit beforehand.

The show was actually really entertaining. I've been to a few drag shows before. In my previous experience, some of the dancers had really big fake boobs, others weren't all that great, the host was hit or miss, and there was usually one really good and artistic act. I'm not attracted to men in women's clothing, so the big fake boobs or the slutty thong doesn't do it for me.

However, this show was different. The host was entertaining. The dancer's weren't flashing there faking boobies. The show was down right funny. Everything from a classy performance by Cher, to Tina and Whitney jokes.

After the show, we went to this straight club, Leopard Lounge, and the night took a definite turn for the worst. They closed down half the club five-minutes after we got there (the good half of course). I paid too much for a lousy dirty martini that tasted like straight vermouth and had green stuff floating on the bottom. I did manage to get ten bucks back from the doorman since they closed half the club.

Sunday was awesome. I got to hang out with my cousin. She had an extended layover, so we went to the Sundial on top of the Westin and then went out to dinner. I guess it made up for a weak end to Saturday night.

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