Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama and The Next GW

Mike Huckabee spoke today, Super Tuesday, in Arkansas. The man starts with two quotes that I really don't understand. Maybe someone out there can explain them to me. The first one I was completely stumped by and taken off guard, but was luckily repeated by the announcer.

"A smooth stone is more powerful than a suit of armor."

The second one was something like:

"A widow's (something or other) is worth (more than a lot of) gold."

I know I'm the one that sounds ignorant, but I've never heard these quotes before. What do they mean? Is there some sort of inside joke that I don't understand? Here's my educated guess. One of the republican candidates wears a chastity belt to protect him from "Craig-like" desires, but Huckabee was able to break the lock with his smooth stone.

I'll has to determine the rest of the second quote before I can provide my interpretation.

In other news, Obama is the projected winner in Georgia. I didn't vote today (i know shame, shame, tsk, tsk). To be honest, I don't have a strong opinion about either democratic candidate. I'll vote Dem in November, unless something changes significantly between now and then.

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