Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I watched "This Film is Not Yet Rated" tonight. I only saw the last half but it will be on again at 11:05 pm EST on Wednesday February 20th and 3:00 am that night on IFC (independent film channel). Briefly, it delves into the censorship and hypocrisy of the MPAA ratings system. It reminds me of how I feel about FCC fines for the obscene, indecent and profane.

Parents have the responsibility of determining what they allow there children to observe. I personally think that people should be allowed to observe the world as it is. Also, the agencies in the US that determine the content that needs to be shielded from innocent eyes and ears (of any age) can easily be replaced by an algorithm that counts the number of "fuck"s in a broadcast. Allow the user to decide what they believe is profane. I need to research a little more (especially for the counter arguments), but I wanted to get a few ideas down before bed. Here are a few links that I found in a quick search:

  1. fcc
  2. google search
  3. seredipity
  4. boycott liberals
  5. delete censors
  6. words on fire
  7. wiki
  8. imdb
  9. mpaa

who knows if they are relevant.

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