Wednesday, March 3, 2010

World Changing Headlines *wink*

Apparently an 8.8 magnitude earthquake has global effects. The recent Chilean earthquake knocked around more than just Chile. I read in this article in Science News that the Earth's axis has shifted by 8 cm. The result is that an Earth day is now 1.62 microseconds shorter i.e. the Earth is spinning faster. Don't freak out just yet, everything should be just fine. Apparently the Earth's axis is constantly wobbling and changes in the position of the axis can be of several meters. Conservation of angular momentum is at work. A large chunk of the Earth's crust is now closer to the core due to the quake. It's like when a figure skater brings his hands closer together while spinning. The result is faster spinning.

Also in the headlines, gay DCites (people that live in the District of Columbia?) can now get married! Woo! ;) :)

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I read about the earth moving. Thought that was interesting. Can you think of that maybe moving way out of control one day?
I am glad that gay people can marry in DC. Wished the rest of USA could. Would you think about getting married?