Monday, March 29, 2010


I'd like to recognize Ricky Martin's recent 'coming out.' Here's the article. A nice menudo youtube link
And a picture of Ricky Martin (with some hot guy):

I think it's good for people to 'come out,' although not always necessary. I personally felt that it was necessary for me. It allowed me to open up, be myself (the most important reason), live one whole life (not a split double life, the other most important reason), and a few other things.

I wish I could come out via BBC News or CNN. This would prevent the whole having to come out to each and every person you've ever known or will ever meet. I don't think coming out should be a lifelong process. It was important for me to come out to certain people at the time and now I'd rather folks just figure it out. It can be hard for people to 'figure it out' cause I don't fit the socially defined stereotype of gay.


Ray's Cowboy said...

Iam happy for him. He took his tim eand when he felt it was right he did it.

Mike Smith said...

Okay, this is just ... you know what

Mark Greene said...

I think people shouldn't have to come out as gay. I mean heterosexuals don't come out as "straight." But I do understand the importance in many ways. The more people come out the people will understand that we are ....... Scratch that . I was going to say that we are like everyone else. But we are not like everyone else . We are different which is why in certain ways more public figures should come out. Understanding that we are all different and we need to celebrate diversity not make fun of it, bully it or ignore it altogether .

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