Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK Jr. National Historic Site

Seeing as I live in Atlanta and own a National Parks Passport book, I thought I'd take the time on MLK Jr. Day to get a cancellation stamp at the MLK Jr. National Historic Site.

The Visitor's Center is about a mile from my place, so Manfriend and I walked. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Atlanta. Here's some photos of the trip:

Westin Atlanta
They still haven't fixed all the windows from the tornado. I heard they have to replace all of the windows and not just the broken ones. I think it's been over two years.

Proof that I was there

Sort of like Hollywood

Not the nicest visitor center that I've seen, but it's nice inside.

Further proof that I was there

A mural across from the visitor center entrance

The man is always putting you down

Across the street from the King home

A long line of people waiting for a tour of the King home

Shotgun homes sign

Shotgun homes

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