Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quiet but talkative

Quiet but talkative, I feel very relaxed and introspective. Yet, I'm bursting to talk to no one and everyone at the same time. It's a metaphor for blogging I guess.

Hmm... maybe not. I have some things to write about, but now I feel the need to go back to organizing my habitat.

Things to talk about later I guess:
Events in ATL
Insects of the Porch
Chemistry Job Search (PS I'm looking for a chemist job in Atlanta)
Job Fair
Haunted Houses
It's almost October
Pride in October
Atlanta Eagle and Pride Issues

Let me know if you'd actually like to hear one of these issues splattered or ink stamped on this page at sometime.

My hand held TV, that I've used 3 times in ten years, only gets three non-network channels now cause of the digital TV antenna switch. Why does it get any channels? It doesn't have radio, so maybe it should go in the "unusable items to be turned into an art project pile"?

PS to the Addendum: I think a question mark, period, etc. should follow quotes in certain instances. The question above "starts way before the quotes," right?

PSS I blame all my misuse of grammar on the teacher that assumed I learned grammar before 7th grade. Specifically, she assumed I was taught grammar by the sixth grade teacher who missed many things. Hmm... I guess I'm better off than the lmao, lol, wtf grammar kids learn on their own these days.

PSSPS I don't really blame that teacher but she could have been nicer about my poor grammar, and I guess I've grown englishmatically speaking. SIB QED

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