Friday, May 1, 2009


I won't give this message from youtube subscriber friendofmuslim an easy link or video post of their diatribe. You can seek it out if you must.

The video is full of scare tactics and slanted statistics. The main point being that Muslim culture will over take the world because they have more children per capita. Also, cultures like the french, spanish, italian, canadian, etc. will no longer exist in 80 years because they don't have a magical birth rate of 2.11 per household. Now, the video throws a bit of logic saying "if two couples (4 people) only have one child each, then there will be half as many people of the culture, and so on for their children." The video is also very anti-immigration.

Anyhow, if there is this magical necessity of 2.11 births per household in order for a culture to continue to exist, then how can it be possible for a gay culture to exist? Well, there must be plenty of gay people born, reborn, coming out in Atlanta, call it a second birth rate higher than 2.11, because there is a gay culture here, a very loud (although in that southern hospitable way were we're all ashamed attitude seeps in now and then) and somewhat proud culture, inside the bar at least.

... I don't know where my point is leading, maybe I'll return and finish this post another day.

P.S. I graduate today... finally done with this grad school shit, maybe I'll go back to school for something I really want to do?

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