Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Bday Weekend

Friday was my manfriend's bday. We celebrated all weekend long. He's having a party for his birthday next weekend.

On Friday night, we went to the Capital Grille for dinner. The restaurant is on the eight floor (penthouse) of a building in Buckhead, just north of Atlanta. We had a nice window seat and a great view of a crane. I can't complain though, diner was wonderful. They decorated the table with Happy Birthday confetti, gave us a free champagne toast and dessert. The steak was delicious and good size portion. I had truffle oil french fries for a side. I don't think I've ever had truffle oil before, but it's not bad.

Saturday was a good day and wild night. We built a patio out of brick and pavers in my manfriend's backyard. It turned out really nice. We had to make three trips to home depot to finish the project. My car was over capacity on the first trip. The back tires were practically touching the wheel wells. We had to unload a few bags of sand and some pavers. I dropped my car off at his place and returned with his jeep. We finished about half the project before realizing that 108 bricks wasn't going to be enough. In total we laid down 208 bricks and 32 pavers to fill in an area about 6'6" by 9'6".

I took my babe to Cirque du Soleil. I bought Tapis Rouge VIP tickets. The experience was pretty awesome, minus some frustration with getting to the parking. We had VIP valet parking right next to the tent. The Tapis Rouge VIP tent had free drinks, gin, wine, champagne, hors d'oeuvres, private bathrooms and a private smoking section. The show was great. I thought the seating area would be much larger, but even the seats at the back should have had a fine view. We sat in the 5th row. The performers are amazing.

After the show, we went to sing karaoke as usual. We were toasted by the end of the night. On Sunday, after sleeping in till late afternoon, we planted some asiatic lilies, lily of the valley, peonys and a couple other things in the back by the newly built patio. The daffodils at my place are finally coming up. I can't wait till a white one blooms, so far they're all yellow.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I am glad to hear that you had a nice time. I bet your Manfirend was pleased as well. Thank you for letting me a part of your life for abit.