Monday, January 26, 2009

Cleaning House

Ugh ... I've just started cleaning my place. It's one hot mess, guuuuuurrrrrrrrllllllll! Every corner has another piece of junk or a pile of files that needs to be sorted through. I've been putting this off for quite a bit. I'd say at least 4 years *scratches head* maybe more? Did I bring unpacked boxes from two apartments ago?

I love having parties because it forces me to clean my place. Unfortunately I often do a superficial once over that makes my apartment look pristine as long as you don't open a closet or look in the "junk corner." Gurrrrrrlll I gave up on only being allowed to have a drawer. Anyhow, I'm trying to go through my boxes, but it's hard to do that and keep the place clean. It's a daunting task that I'm not really looking forward to.

Tonight I went to a drag show, got molested by some fur hungry Armorette, and for the most part had a good time. Don't worry babe-da no drag queen touched scooba. You know you own him ;) guruuuuuuurrrrlllllll!!

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