Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Taser Strikes Again

The taser appears to have struck these rivals. Trust me this is about the only time you'll see a Steelers fan embrace a Browns fan.
I think these two have also been struck (Thanks Ray).
Pats on the butt are all well and good, but crotch grabbing is so much better.

Straight boys are quite funny. Buffalo Sabres hockey player, Patrick Roy is getting his cock grabbed in the photo below. Do you think someone held his dick while he peed in that cup?
Boys in my middle school used to be as touchy, feely as in the picture of Cleveland Browns player Brady Quinn below.
Why'd they all turn into a bunch of homophobes? I guess they sort of were then too. I was walking down the hall in middle school and this short guy cups his hand behind his back. He then starts walking backward towards my crotch. He didn't stop short enough for comfort (his comfort not mine). "Oh no I touched it," the short guy said in a surprised tone. I guess he wasn't expecting a nice fleshy bulge in his hands.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I fully agree, grabbing is much better than patting. Hope allis well.

PS Any pictures of Christmas around your house. Since Halloween was great.