Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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My favorite sport is hockey. I never played on ice, in a rink or for a team, but I enjoyed the occasional cul-de-sac pickup game while I was a child. I wasn't really a fan of professional hockey in my youth. Well that's to say I didn't follow it. Honestly, I was too busy learning cock to cook and playing with 'action figures' and .... well you know, the things a little boy does.

As I grew up, there were fewer pickup cul-de-sac games of hockey and most boys moved on to team sports (competitive) or intramural sports (still competitive.) I'm not very competitive, but I did play on one and only one team, a baseball team. I was the second worst player on the team. This might be why I hate watching baseball on TV. Although the bulges are nice to look at (who cares if it's a cup.) Baseball games are fun to go to though. I go to a couple each year.

Anyway, there was a defining moment in my baseball 'career' when I new I was the second worst player. I new I wasn't very good. You know, I was at the end of a bating order (in a bad way, not the guy that's about to hit a grad slam.) When I played, I was always stuck in the outfield picking dandelions. Although, I did learn how to blow at an early age.

Right/center/left field, it didn't matter cause most second graders weren't hitting balls out there. Not that I minded. It meant less competition/conflict from the fuckers that thought that this game was going to mean something tomorrow. I wish that sports were played only for fun at that age.

Oh back to how I new I wasn't the worst kid on the team ... I could ocassionaly hit a ball and I have rounded a few bases. Maybe even home plate, but it was probably after a bunt to get me to first and an in the park home run by the guy after me.

The worst kid on my team fell over after swinging at the pitch. I felt bad for him. Many of the kids and parents laughed. He was an uncoordinated child and remained kind of bizarre in middle school. Anyhow, I hope he is doing well today.

So on to the whole reason for this blog ... I get kind of sidetracked from time to second ... what was I saying. *looks at top of page*

I realized how much I liked hockey the day I saw the Pittsburgh Penguins play live. It's kinda sad that I lived in Pittsburgh in the early 90's and new little of them (in my defense, I was pretty young.) Hockey is an awesome sport to see in person. It's fast paced and full of action.

Recently, a coworker of mine showed me a few sports blogs that you can find under the link to the right (deadspin, kolber.) My manfriend has also turned me on to looking at men's bulges. (I don't like to stare at people, so I guess that's why I haven't noticed or at least actively looked for a bulge. I did sort of get busted looking at some guys junk in the locker room, so that could be another reason.) Anyhow, the combination of these two events (sport's blog and bulge watch) has led me to a greater interest in baseball and football. I've always had a bit of an interest in soccer, rugby, gymnastics and swimming, but they're not really televised in the states. As a final note, I think hockey would be more popular if they wore singlets.

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