Saturday, November 29, 2008

Karaoke and ATM Screw ups

Last Friday I went to a friends birthday celebration in Virginia Highlands. He wanted to sing live band karaoke with Metalsome. The band plays while you sing on stage. It's pretty awesome, the only problem is that the words aren't highlighted as in normal karaoke. In Metalsome karaoke there is a screen with words on it that works sort of like a teleprompter. I sang the first song of the night, Enter Sandman by Metallica. It was still pretty hard to keep the right place throughout the song, but the guys on stage help you out. I'm glad I went first, because the competition got pretty heavy.

Anyhow before the karaoke I went to the ATM to take out some cash. It was particularly cold out for Atlanta, near freezing. I was at a drive-up ATM and the buttons wouldn't work properly. I had to hit every button several times. Maybe my fingers were too cold, I don't know but it was annoying.

I made a deposit. Then I wanted to withdraw some cash, but accidentally registered 'return card.' I put my card back in the machine. It asks me what language I'd like (kind of odd since it didn't do this the first time.) I hit English, but it thinks I want Spanish. I know enough Spanish to withdraw some money from an ATM so I continue. I hit the amount I'd like and ... pesos shot out of the machine ... no, worse, nothing, nada, zilch, no mula (spanish pun intended.) It returns my card. I make another transaction and I'm on my way.

Okay, so no problem right. I check my account on Sunday and two withdrawals are pending on my account. I call the bank on Monday. The service rep says, "Sir, the transaction's still pending. If there was an error, then it should not be charged to your account. If the transaction will process tonight. If it goes through, then call back." Of course, the charge goes through today. Thankfully I have enough money in my account to afford a $30 discrepancy, but I'm pissed that I have to call back. So I call them back. After talking to a computer and another rep, I get directed to the claims department. Dude says, "I see there was an error. We will post a refund." Why did I have to call back then? I already asked the first service rep, "So they'll know if there was an error in the charge won't go through?"

It pisses me off that companies (i.e. banks) that you give all your money to hold, place the burden of bounced checks, etc. on you even if it's their mistake.

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I fully understand where you are coming from. When you go to them they look at you like you should be greatful to them. I have it where my money was not in my account but someonelse's then they found thier mistake. I still had to pay outof my pocket for their screw ups.