Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google street view went back in time?

Ah ... the physicists told me you couldn't go back in time. I guess the physicists don't have the same budget that Google does.

On another note, my manfriend took me on a special date this past Saturday that involved sparring just like in the photo above. Can you guess where we went? I was told I would never guess where we were going, but just in case I might figure it out on the way I was required to wear a blindfold. It was very intriguing and kinda hot for the first few minutes. I must admit that I got bored at looking at nothing, but it made the surprise all the better.

The event was both dinner and a tournament. Did you guess yet? We went to Medieval Times. I had never been before. We were King's Royalty for the night. It was pretty cool, but a little Disney-like at times. I had three vodka cranberry drinks before the show started. I didn't realize how much alcohol was in them until it was too late. I was a little drunk during the show. The show was interesting. There were sword fights, horses, medieval games and a bit of a plot. The food was really good too. Overall I liked it, but I think they should of taken more than one photo of me and my man at the beginning (considering it was already paid for). I was making a stupid face.

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