Sunday, November 2, 2008

US Politcs

I'm not one to write much about politics. I have my beliefs and opinions. I rarely force them on anyone else. This blog entry is not meant to persuade anyone to vote any specific way. I'll be voting Democratic, as they are most inline with my philosophy. I put together a little gif image that I thought I'd share (

56 Elections in 220 Years

I learned/compiled a few facts about previous US elections while putting this little animation together.

15 different parties have received electoral votes in any election.
(Federalist, Independent, Anti-Federalist, Democratic-Republican, Democratic, National Republican, Anti-Masonic, Whig, American, Republican, Constitutional Union, People's, Democrat-Populist, Progressive, States' Rights Democratic, American Independent)

In the past 40 years, the Democratic and Republican parties were the only political parties to receive any electoral votes.

George Clinton received 6 electoral votes from New York in the 1808 election. Although he lost the election, he went on to become a kick ass musician in the 70's and 80's and today. Stay funkadelic George!

Although at least five candidates have received electoral votes in any one election, the greatest number of different political parties to win electoral votes in an election is only four.

There are quite a few more stats that I could list, but I'm bored of writing this post. I leave you with on more. Before 1964, the south often voted democratic. The republicans took hold of the south with their "Southern Strategy" during the 1960's. The party was inline with the views of southerners on the civil rights movement. It's no surprise that they don't support gay rights.

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