Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eddie Izzard

I can't wait. Tonight I get to see Eddie Izzard! He's a straight transvestite (pronounced by him transveseet) . I love his comedy and hope he puts on a great show at his act "Stripped".

This past weekend was a blast. I went to a party to say goodbye to a friend who, of all places, is moving to Valdosta (no that is not in California, it's in South Georgia. Yes South Georgia is a place that stands alone and therefore the word South must be capitalized.). Saturday was awesome. I got to spend the morning hiking up to the top of Stone Mountain with my sweetheart and some friends of his. Then Saturday night I went to a concert with some friends. I wanted Modest Mouse to play longer. REM did a great job. What a show. Sunday was pool party day at stud muffin's place. All in all it was a fantastic weekend.

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