Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pens 4-0 baby!!!

Yeah boys, my 'guins shutout the Senator's tonight. Whose the bitch know?

If you didn't follow the NHL last season, I'll let you know that the Ottawa Senators knocked the Penguins out of the Stanley cup playoffs in the first round. This year it WILL be a different story.

Ohh... I almost forgot the best part. The Pens goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, ball tapped Martin Lapointe of the Ottawa Senators from behind with his stick while the guy was standing in front of the goal. I'm not into hard hitting in the balls, but this was more like a love tap. It was kinda hot. I wish I could find a clip of it to post.

Lapointe was pissed and turned to start something. This happened next:

Ahh man, what a great start to the weekend. OK I know, I know, it's only Wednesday. But, I got all kinds of festivities planned over the next few days. Tomorrow I get to see Ok go and Cartel, for free! Then Red Brick after work on Friday. Red Brick, aka Atlanta Brewing Company or ABC, has beer tastings every Friday. Seven dollars buys you six beers (more if you can drink more than six in two hours). Then party with friends after red brick. Saturday night, I'll hit up a gay club or bar with some friends after helping another friend move.

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