Thursday, January 31, 2008

Normal Day w/o much to Say

Dreams ... Wake ... Work ... Home

Someone once tolD me that thIs picture reminded them of a dream:

I've been having lots of dreams lately. My latest dreams involve eyesight, glasses, flashlights, cars, the law, etc. Every so often I have dreams involving vehicles in some state of chaos or in some way out of my own control. Usually I'm driving. I have a book about dreams and find dream interpretation interesting. After you interpret a few of your dreams it becomes much easier, and you find yourself looking to the books less often. For example, your car represents some state of your life or the path of your life (you own your car, both literally and figuratively in your dream). If someone else is driving your car, then someone else or some other aspect of yourself (Freud) is controlling your life. If your car is uncontrollable or out of control, then an aspect of your life is out of control. The results are interesting and usually accurate, but not always specific. If I was really good I'd start a dream journal, because I think the details of your dream can illuminate the specifics. Keeping a dream journal allows you to remember more details about your dreams, but you have to write in it as soon as you wake up (even before you turn your alarm off).

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