Sunday, January 27, 2008

NHL All-Star Game

First off, last night was a blast. I was in such a good mood. I started drinking at my friends John and Jenny's house. Jenny threw a surprise party for John's birthday. He turned bright red when he walked in the door. I left there at about 11:30 and headed to a bar for some mechanical bull riding. You know that guy that jumps up on a bull and falls right over the other side. Well that was me. I was giggly all night. I don't think you could have put me in a bad mood if you tried. We left, dropped a friend off, and then headed to another bar. I had to be reminded today about kissing the bartender. We left at about 2:30 and stopped by the dinner for some food before calling the night.

I almost got to go to the All-Star Game. A friend of a friend, Jeff, called me about 30 minutes before the game started and asked me if I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I had to tutor from 7:00 to 8:30. :( I can't believe I had to pass up $200 tickets, but I did make $200 bucks tutoring, so I can't complain. It would have been awesome though. I told Jeff that we should go to a game some other time, because we both love hockey. I am going to a game on Wednesday, but I don't have an extra ticket or I'd ask him to go. Lets go Pens! In case you're interested, the East All-Stars beat the West by one goal. The final score was 8-7.

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